E-Mail Certificate updated

We have a new SSL/TLS certificate as of 12 August 2019.  Some users are having problems accessing the mail server, so here is a reminder of the settings needed:

The server both for sending and for receiving mail is mail.oa5.com  This is constant regardless of your own domain and is a change from our old policy of asking you to connect to a name within your own namespace  ie smtp.example.com or imaps.example.com

Your username is your complete email address eg user@example.com

You have been sent a password which was created with your email account  As you are connecting over a secure encrypted link you can use plain or password authentication

The incoming port to read mail is 993 which uses the secure imap (imaps) protocol

The submission port for sending mail is 465 which again uses a secure connection.  If your settings have a check box for SSL/TLS you need to check it when configuring both sending and receiving mail

A reminder — if you create an archive folder on the server the space used is still part of your quota, if you need to move messages to make space then it has to be somewhere other than on the server

Checking your settings on an iPhone / iPad



iPhone screenshot

Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Select account

Screenshot 2

Top half of account screen
Scroll down and touch the hostname on the SMTP Line


Screenshot 3

Touch the primary server line


Screenshot 4

Check the port settings
touch top left twice (Cancel, Account)

You are now back at the main account screen, touch Advanced at the bottom of the screen

Screenshot 5

There is an error in these settings — The Deleted Mailbox should be Trash
Update this

The bottom half of the screen should be like this:

After fixing Deleted Mail box

After fixing Deleted Mail box

The Trash Mailbox has a separate quota to allow you to delete mail even when your mailbox is full

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