We’re leaving Hertfordshire

After 34 years in East Herts, 28 in Much Hadham we’re moving on 6/7th June 2016 to Milnathort on the outskirts of Kinross.  Our new address will be

The Old Church 22/24 Church Street Milnathort Kinross-shire KY13 9XH

The servers are remaining in the hosting centre for now.

Trading connectivity and convention for address space

Copyright © 2005 Andrew Macpherson. Redistribution permitted under the GNU Creative Commons Licence. Maximising address space by shuning ones neighbours Andrew Macpherson andrew@oa5.com

Today’s SOHO ADSL customer typically buys a small block of 8 fixed IP Addresses which after deduction of two broadcast values, and a gateway address leaves 5 usable addresses for their equipment.